Chroma Sense

Chroma Sense System

Chromatherapy, sometimes called Color Therapy, is the use of light in your bath to create changes in our mental and physical states. Combining this approach with hydrotherapy can create especially soothing effects. So, what are the meanings of all our chromatherapy colors?

White is pure and clarifying to the senses, as well as the mind

Yellow is personal power, ego and stimulating, especially for creative thinking

Blue is serene and stress reducing — increases deep relaxation and fluent thought think of the Carribbean, increase sense of security

Red is stability, warming, energizing and security, stimulates mind and invigorates the body, emotionally it governs sensuality

Green is love and sense of responsibility , brings harmony and balance, Calms the nerves, and relieves stress, devotion, sense of love for self and others

Orange feels fresh — it invigorates and awakens the soul

Magenta reduces anxiety while boosting creativity

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