Jet Flow - The Perfect Massage Tub

For deeper relaxation, our Jet Flow tub uses firm water pressure to massage aches and pains from your body. This traditional jetted-tub uses larger jets to vigorously circulate the water while massaging the body. Our in-line heater can be added to our jet flow system to create a more customized experience.

Air Flow- The Perfect Aromatherapy Tub

Create an at-home spa experience by pairing our gentle Air Flow system with essential oils. Perfectly designed for the use of aromatherapy, our Air Flow system is sure to create a serene experience with customizable pressure settings and your choice of essential oils. This system uses warm air to prolong the water temperature for a better bathing experience. Gentler settings are available.

Micro Flow - The Perfect Bubble-Bath Tub

Let billions of tiny bubbles gently exfoliate and prime your skin with our micro flow system. Our Micro Flow system creates the perfect amount of bubbles that rest gently on the surface of the water. Say goodbye to expensive bubble baths and say hello to our luxurious Micro Flow system. This system maintains the water's temperature so that you can relax longer in the bath.

Tubzz Custom Bathtubs

Personalized Comfort from the Luxury Spa Experience Experts

~ EST. 1995 ~

Locally owned and operated since 1995. After moving into our new production facility in Lindon in 2001, the new facility allowed Tubzz to produce exceptional jetted tubs in a timely manner and at an affordable price. Operating our own production facility has allowed us to have greater control of the quality of product and lowered production time. We at Tubzz, take great pride in producing one of the finest tubs available today. We are committed to producing only the finest products and making sure that customers who purchase one of our fine tubs will recognize our dedication to quality, service, and value.

Spa Quality in the Comfort of Your Own Home




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